1. Backwoods
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    A clear winner here. Favorite flavor: Honeyberry. I love these because the tobacco in this thing (even after you gut everything out) makes for an incredible head high no matter how high your weed tolerance may be. Only downside is the high lasts for less longer according to some people, but nothing beats a backwoods!
  2. Dutch Masters
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    Chocolate Dutches. Vanillas are also good. I love these things because they burn slowly but surely. The wrap has a perfect moisture/dryness ratio so when you roll up, you can hear the cherry crackling for smokey pulls.
  3. 1882s
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    cheap backwoods. smokes just like it and less stems. But rips easy when you unravel it.
  4. White Owls
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    Tastes great white grape. Also dank to gut out the tobacco and stuff it with bud without cracking the wrap.
  5. Frontos
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    decent leafs
  6. Swisher Sweets
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    bleggh kind of very disgusting