I'm Samuel Bishop and this... .... is a list of my favorite podcasts.
  1. Serial
    The podcast that started it all. I was working nights when I started this groundbreaking 2014 podcast, and let's just say I had a lot of time on my hands to really dig deep. Serial is a true crime investigation of the murder of a Baltimore teen in 1999. It's weird, confused, gripping, and incredibly well produced. Sarah Koenig is the Podcast King, and with seasons 2 and 3 on the way it's sure to keep its legacy of one of the most popular podcast out there.
  2. Welcome to Night Vale
    This quirky bi-weekly podcast is set in the fictional small desert town of Night Vale. It follows the radio broadcasting of the news in the town. Hosted by three eyed Cecil Palmer, who happens to be desperately in love with the new scientist that just moved to town to study all the strange anomalies. This podcast is a very odd mix of Parks and Recreation meets The Twilight Zone that is perfect things you never knew you needed... Until now.
  3. Lore
    I couldn't write this without mentioning my friend @jenoas that recommended it to me. She told me I absolutely HAD to listen to this podcast, and she was right. I was up-to-date (Episode 17 as of this list) in two days and that left me sitting on the floor in the men's clothing section on Target crying over a woman that died in the 1800's. Aaron Mahnke has such a talent of bringing stories to life. Something I know all too well. From goosebumps to tears this podcast has it all.
  4. Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
    After being totally creeped out by Lore you can laugh your ass of with Grace Helbig's Not Too Deep. A podcast that is only surface level that refuses to get emotional and well frankly deep. Grace interviews her friends that tend to be other YouTube Stars about things like if a hotdog could talk would it be productive in society? It's odd and hilarious. Grace's humor is quick and full of charm. Plus it's part video as well, with the short videos being put up on her YouTube channel ItsGrace.
  5. Limetown
    Even though it only has 3 episodes, it easily caught my attention for having such an odd story. This scripted series follows an investigative reporter that is trying to solve the mystery of Limetown, a city that was hailed in the scientific community until all of its people vanished one night. The reporter gets a lead from someone in Limetown that sends her to the next person to the next down a rabbit hole she might not come back. It's well produced and I can't wait to see where it takes me.