My personal favorite emojis that I use probably everyday.
  1. This emoji is number 1 in my life. It looks amazing when you put a bunch of these in a snapchat, and it reminds me of Steven Universe.
  2. 💖
    The pink heart is the best heart. It's the cutest, and I love this color on emojis. Plus it's got those sparkles. A 3D rendering of this emoji is actually my phone background. So I really love this emoji.
  3. 😕
    This is an odd emoji to make this list, but I personally love it. It perfect captures that mood of when your friends tell you something bad about them or their life, and you want to see like you care without being overbearing. It's just the perfect amount of 'oh darn that sucks man'.
  4. 🎀
    I love this bow because it mixes and matches the first two emojis really well. I would consider ✨, 💖, and 🎀 the holy trinity of emojis.
  5. ✌🏼️
    I love a good piece sign. This emoji is perfect for being sassy and being classy. You can sent it to someone you hate and someone you love and it will will still make sense. It's just a classy great emoji. ✌🏼️