1. Number of times the Gospel was shared
  2. "I love you's" said
  3. Country's traveled to
  4. Kisses given
  5. Genuine friendships
  6. Deep conversations
  7. Impulsive actions
  8. Near death experiences
  9. Savage come backs
  10. Dogs owned
  11. Dogs petted
  12. Number of uses of the word "asshole" and "shit"
    I really only use these two sweats 😂
  13. Number of true belly laughs
  14. Total number of people who've ever had feelings for me
  15. How many times I've corrected someone's grammatical choices
  16. Number of times I've been asked to use smaller words
  17. A concise list of every person I've ever loved
  18. Times I've cried for joy
  19. Times I've cried for pain
    I'm not a cryer