1. Jesus and how much I love Him
  2. The stigmatization Pit Bulls
    Seriously, don't get me started
  3. The overall apathetic state of or society
  4. Anything Philosophical
  5. Anything literary
  6. Dogs and how much I love them
  7. People who don't know their own minds
  8. The importance of solid families
  9. People who hate reading
  10. Cheating.
    There's literally no reason, just exit the relationship
  11. Judging people by their past
  12. Active listening
    People talk about and only really listen for themselves. Why don't more people genuinely listen .
  13. When people can't disagree kindly
    Learn how to handle a disagreement like an adult
  14. When people use feelings as a guide to life
    Seriously, they change as the wind blows
  15. Modern Feminism
    Promote equality not just women
  16. Ethical views