Things That Make Me Die A Little Inside

  1. Realizing mid-sentence that no one gives $&@#* about what I'm saying.
  2. When my dog whines
    It could literally be over anything, and I feel like I have to make it better RIGHT NOW.
  3. When someone says Pit Bulls are violent
    Just don't...
  4. When someone trashes my music
    It's the gateway to my mind fam
  5. Realizing in the middle of a conversation that the person with whom I'm speaking is far more shallow than I anticipated.
  6. The idea of one night stands
    Literally the thought of it boggles my mind...
  7. Feeling used
  8. Raising my hand and being ignored by a prof
  9. Eating and spilling food on myself in front of someone
  10. When you've grown accustomed to talking to someone regularly and they stop.
    Feels like disappearing
  11. When girls give me the "up down judgement" look
    Why is it necessary?
  12. Losing a snap streak
    Okay it doesn't hurt my feelings but hey that's a lot of days down the drain
  13. Working at BK
    Literally every day I'm at work doing work things 😂