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Help, list app friends! I'm in charge of putting a list of fun songs together for my sister's wedding reception. Please re-list so that I can get as much feedback as possible! Thanks!!
  1. You Can Call Me Al
    Paul Simon | Warning: My choices will be goofy.
    Suggested by   @wmf
  2. Once In A Lifetime
    Talking Heads
    Suggested by   @wmf
  3. This Must Be The Place
    Tracking Heads | Hear me out on this one... It's one of the most beautiful songs ever written. If you're into the David Byrne type of thing.
    Suggested by   @wmf
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You've pulled the trigger and your relationship is over...OR IS IT??? What are some good reasons to cut the pity party short, stop the reminiscing, and let them STAY GONE?
  1. Physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
    My ex took me on weekend trips to San Diego. He bought me a set of pearls and told me I was beautiful. He also punched me in the face repeatedly once while in a drunken rage; I saw white lights and wondered when he'd stop hitting me. He would withdraw and refuse to talk to me for days. He'd accuse me of cheating on him if I stayed too long at the grocery store. Sound familiar? NEVER OK.
  2. Infidelity
    If someone is willing to put not only the relationship but also your HEALTH at risk so they can hook up randomly? That isn't love. Be done. People with habits like that don't change and you need to love yourself enough to realize that someone who loves you won't jeopardize your life for strange.
  3. They don't accept who you are.
    Everyone is starry eyed in the beginning. Sometimes real issues are glossed over in the first euphoric weeks and then seem to come up out of nowhere and you wonder how you can suddenly find yourself with someone who isn't respectful of your work/field of study, your relationship with friends, even something as inane as your favorite music. If you feel like you aren't being taken seriously, there's a good chance you aren't.
  4. Your gut feeling
    Intuition is real and sometimes it has physical manifestations we are all too ready to ignore. I don't care if he's tall and handsome and his résumé reads like Superman's; if your stomach is hurting/face is twitching/a general uneasiness sets over you when you're with him, go. Listen to yourself.
Have you seen this thing??? It's gorgeous! But beyond that, I want to buy it because...
  1. Gwen is awesome
    I remember being 13 years old and gawky as could be when Tragic Kingdom came out; and this amazing woman who was drop dead GORGEOUS came out and talked about how shy she had been, how unattractive, how anything-but-the-lead-singer-of-a-music-revolutionary-band she had been at my age...and I knew there was hope. Now she's got grace, style, and kick-ass eyeshadows. I still want to be Gwen.
  2. The whole thing is glamorous and super high quality
    I was stalking it at Sephora yesterday and it's got great weight, a great big mirror Im the lid, and each of the shadows has a great texture; some are a little more pigmented than others but who cares????? That's not a deal breaker.
  3. Shades nude, brights, shimmers, an inky black with names like Anaheim, Baby, Blackout, and Danger.
    I swear I'm not working for Urban Decay. I'm just LUSTING!!!!
  1. The awesome little goody bag Im expecting with my Sephora order
    25 free samples, some of them in deluxe sizes?! What else says Christmas like that!!!
  2. A nice handwritten note, encouraging you and wishing you well
  3. Lip balms, packs of gum, bobby pins, or other things that are helpful
    Because that's what friends do. Need a new lip balm? I brought an extra one. Need some gum? I've got you. That's what friends do.
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  1. Because when in doubt? Always be Beyoncé!
  2. Snoopy mugs to remind me what to buy my dad for Christmas!
  3. Supporting Chipotle after their unfortunate bout of bad luck. I love you, Chipotle!
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Hello! Thank you so much for being my Santa. :-) here is a gift giving guide to me!
  1. Anything nice and thoughtful. Those little hooks you can stick on the wall, coupons for free redbox, a box of granola bars...all of these fit this description. Just anything you think might make my life a little easier.
  2. I love coffee and tea and anything that goes with coffee and tea. :-)
  3. I love yarn. (I make blankets. :-) I apologize to whoever I am Santa for; Id make you a blanket if I had the time.
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Treat her better. This is a list of things I wonder if my ex is going to find on his next go round. I could torture myself with this stuff or I can get it out and get over it.
  1. A younger woman.
    As men get older their dating pool increases. I picture some young, smooth version of his ex-wife and I(there were obvious similarities.) Someone who hasn't lived much of her own life and is willing to make him the absolute center of it.
  2. She'll be adventurous
    Ride all of the scary rides and roller coasters, want to learn to jet ski and zip line. Be the first in the haunted house. Kill all the spiders without any help. Make up for all the ways I'm a coward.
  3. Athletic
    Her pull ups will be real. She'll do more than just keep up on the runs. Her body fat percentage will be low but not to the point it effects her breasts. You know, the standard.
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Newly single means sadness and wallowing and also hope and a fresh look at life. All mixed up with the holidays? It means crying jags, the tendency to wish things were different, and....
  1. I miss my cookware. Crap why did I leave it all there? What the fuck am I going to make the stuffing in now???
  2. My ex almost looks like the better alternative to time spent with my sister.
  3. WHAT DO YOU MEAN "we just bought the pies."????!!!!!!!!!
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World peace would be great. No one hungry. The Office back on the air with a "Where are they Now" reunion special....but I'll take
  1. A record player! And a stack of really cool records; from Adele and Kanye to Three Dog Night and Skynyrd.
  2. Lipsticks. All kinds of lipsticks.
  3. A job I don't hate that enables me to go to the dentist whenever I want. Paying for a root canal out of pocket and being able to afford to? THAT, my friends, is financial security.
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