World peace would be great. No one hungry. The Office back on the air with a "Where are they Now" reunion special....but I'll take
  1. A record player! And a stack of really cool records; from Adele and Kanye to Three Dog Night and Skynyrd.
  2. Lipsticks. All kinds of lipsticks.
  3. A job I don't hate that enables me to go to the dentist whenever I want. Paying for a root canal out of pocket and being able to afford to? THAT, my friends, is financial security.
  4. The desire to wake up at 4am ready to run 5 miles and then eat a breakfast of plain oatmeal for fuel and function, and the body that looks like I do it regularly. I COULD do it. I could do it tomorrow. I want to WANT to do it.....
  5. Chik fil A gift cards. Because I keep my chicken separate from my politics.