Have you seen this thing??? It's gorgeous! But beyond that, I want to buy it because...
  1. Gwen is awesome
    I remember being 13 years old and gawky as could be when Tragic Kingdom came out; and this amazing woman who was drop dead GORGEOUS came out and talked about how shy she had been, how unattractive, how anything-but-the-lead-singer-of-a-music-revolutionary-band she had been at my age...and I knew there was hope. Now she's got grace, style, and kick-ass eyeshadows. I still want to be Gwen.
  2. The whole thing is glamorous and super high quality
    I was stalking it at Sephora yesterday and it's got great weight, a great big mirror Im the lid, and each of the shadows has a great texture; some are a little more pigmented than others but who cares????? That's not a deal breaker.
  3. Shades nude, brights, shimmers, an inky black with names like Anaheim, Baby, Blackout, and Danger.
    I swear I'm not working for Urban Decay. I'm just LUSTING!!!!