You've pulled the trigger and your relationship is over...OR IS IT??? What are some good reasons to cut the pity party short, stop the reminiscing, and let them STAY GONE?
  1. Physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
    My ex took me on weekend trips to San Diego. He bought me a set of pearls and told me I was beautiful. He also punched me in the face repeatedly once while in a drunken rage; I saw white lights and wondered when he'd stop hitting me. He would withdraw and refuse to talk to me for days. He'd accuse me of cheating on him if I stayed too long at the grocery store. Sound familiar? NEVER OK.
  2. Infidelity
    If someone is willing to put not only the relationship but also your HEALTH at risk so they can hook up randomly? That isn't love. Be done. People with habits like that don't change and you need to love yourself enough to realize that someone who loves you won't jeopardize your life for strange.
  3. They don't accept who you are.
    Everyone is starry eyed in the beginning. Sometimes real issues are glossed over in the first euphoric weeks and then seem to come up out of nowhere and you wonder how you can suddenly find yourself with someone who isn't respectful of your work/field of study, your relationship with friends, even something as inane as your favorite music. If you feel like you aren't being taken seriously, there's a good chance you aren't.
  4. Your gut feeling
    Intuition is real and sometimes it has physical manifestations we are all too ready to ignore. I don't care if he's tall and handsome and his résumé reads like Superman's; if your stomach is hurting/face is twitching/a general uneasiness sets over you when you're with him, go. Listen to yourself.