Treat her better. This is a list of things I wonder if my ex is going to find on his next go round. I could torture myself with this stuff or I can get it out and get over it.
  1. A younger woman.
    As men get older their dating pool increases. I picture some young, smooth version of his ex-wife and I(there were obvious similarities.) Someone who hasn't lived much of her own life and is willing to make him the absolute center of it.
  2. She'll be adventurous
    Ride all of the scary rides and roller coasters, want to learn to jet ski and zip line. Be the first in the haunted house. Kill all the spiders without any help. Make up for all the ways I'm a coward.
  3. Athletic
    Her pull ups will be real. She'll do more than just keep up on the runs. Her body fat percentage will be low but not to the point it effects her breasts. You know, the standard.
  4. Financially responsible
    She'll be so good at money management that she won't need to work anymore and can devote herself entirely to his cause; be a stay at home woman who cooks and cleans and (miraculously) still contributes to the household financially.
  5. And one thing I know he'll never have again....
    ...Me. In all my messy, imperfect, glory. The way I laugh, the way I loved him with everything I had, the way I love him still but understand that as badly as I wanted him he isn't for me. Me. I'm the one that got away.