Hello! Thank you so much for being my Santa. :-) here is a gift giving guide to me!
  1. Anything nice and thoughtful. Those little hooks you can stick on the wall, coupons for free redbox, a box of granola bars...all of these fit this description. Just anything you think might make my life a little easier.
  2. I love coffee and tea and anything that goes with coffee and tea. :-)
  3. I love yarn. (I make blankets. :-) I apologize to whoever I am Santa for; Id make you a blanket if I had the time.
  4. Makeup makeup makeup makeup. I love Sephora and all things skincare.
  5. UNICEF Christmas cards! Pier 1 imports sells them every year and a hundred percent of the proceeds go to the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund to provide food, clean drinking water, vaccines, and various other things we take for granted in America. Buy a box and send me one of the cards. :-)
  6. Mugs!!! I love mugs. I don't have enough mugs, a good solid mug.
  7. All in all? Just thanks for thinking of me. :-)