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These are some apps, not necessarily new, that I am excited about. I hope to see tremendous growth in these products. ( Will keep adding things to this ) 👍
  1. Soon 🤔
    This is a phenomenal app. Its highly under-appreciated. I have written about it on Medium - https://medium.com/@SarHaribhakti/it-s-about-what-you-ll-do-next-b38a360b72a2
  2. Nuzzel 🤓
    This is a life-savior amidst the chaos and information overload in all the apps we use for discovery, curation and reading content. https://medium.com/@SarHaribhakti/what-to-consume-when-there-is-so-much-to-consume-1da31aeeca9d
  3. Snapchat Channels 👻
    Everyone loves Snapchat. But its discover channels page is HIGHLY under-valued by mainstream users. Hope to see that change. Again, written about this - https://medium.com/@SarHaribhakti/so-damn-good-so-powerful-c59918b6b68a
The list is in decreasing order in terms of convenience, priority and comfort
  1. 1.
    Tweet ( because why not? )
  2. 2.
    DM on Twitter
  3. 3.
    Emails ( Good luck finding one )
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