I'm really looking forward to seeing Amy Schumer tear up the big screen in this sure-to-be-delightful romantic comedy. But guess what? Mom and Dad already went! Here's why they loved it..
  1. "Bill Hader is terrific." - Mom
  2. "Very relatable for you, probably." - Dad
  3. "So funny." - Mom
  4. "Really very clever." - Dad
  5. "Do you know Amy?" - Mom
  6. "She wrote an excellent script. Good formula for you." - Dad
  7. "How do you know Amy?" - Mom
  8. "Surefire money maker." - Dad
  9. "Oh she did stand-up, too?" - Mom
  10. Mom loves Colin Quinn!
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  11. And finally, SPOILERS AHEAD FROM MY DAD.
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