Today I took myself on an adventure and got a bus downtown to The Last Bookstore.
  1. This
    This is an amazing account of what LA was in the 1930's. It was part of a government initiative where various out of work writers were hired to go to different cities around the USA and document the ins and outs of the cities and their infrastructure. Hoover hired a bawdy young writer named F Scott Fitzgerald to do LA.
  2. This
    I'm obsessed with Los Angeles in the 30's 40's and 50's. This man feeds my obsession.
  3. This
    Yes. Yes they are.
  4. This
    Every time I see this book I feel so nostalgic. I was so obsessed with Sylvia Plath when I was a teenager that I saved up all my money and went to England to visit her grave on my 19th birthday.
  5. This
    Because why not?
  6. This
    Sexy is just different today.
  7. This
    Some good old 70's Hollywood bush (taken by David Strick from the collection "Our Hollywood"
  8. This
    I opened this book, then I regretted it. Then I closed it. Then I opened it again and I regretted it again. My bad
  9. This
    Morley. Irony is possibly my fav thing.
  10. This
    This is the greatest bookshelf I have ever seen.