Being midday drunk in public in NYC is "normal... Being publicly drunk in LA at any point that is not a special holiday is "unhealthy". I do it anyway but it's always an accident.
  1. Hike
    The worst. I was trying to combat the guilt of daytime drinking
  2. The Grove
    The best! The Grove is the best! SO MUCH TO DO! Barns and Noble, Movies, the fountain you can throw coins in and make wishes, the farmers market!!! So great
  3. Yoga
    The worst. It was a early morning class that my close friend was teaching... I couldn't let her down and not go but I was definitely still drunk from the night before.
  4. The beach
    Not as great as it sounds. It was cold and a long way from my warm bed.
  5. The Hollywood Arc Light
  6. Trader Joes
    I get hungry when I drink
  7. Dog adoption websites
    ... I make the best mistakes 😃🐶
  8. In n Out
    We've all been here