1. My beautiful, loving, supportive friends and family
  2. Dream apartments that are five minutes away from dream jobs
  3. The constant chance to learn and travel and explore
  4. The strength to fall down and pick myself up again
  5. The relative safety I have in this body
  6. A society that moves forward with awareness and compassion
  7. The chance to get to do what I love every day without worrying where my next meal or hot shower is coming from
  8. Platforms on which I can voice my opinions
  9. Advil, birth control, and other wonders of modern medicine (and the access to them)
  10. Film, television, theatre, music, fiction, poetry, art, and all the amazing ways we have of expressing ourselves
  11. Moments of human connection, big and small
  12. The gratitude for and recognition of my immense privilege and the power to fight for a more equitable world
  13. Hamilton the Musical