Butters, Ranked

A very important list.
  1. 8. Sun butter
    Made of sunflower seeds. It'll do in a pinch, but obvi nobody's first choice.
  2. 7. Body butter
    Makes your skin feel v nice, but it can also be a lot, ya know? Usually I'm good with just lotion.
  3. 6. Cashew butter
    The oddball butter that's not totally necessary but is nice I guess?
  4. 5. Cookie butter
    Oy. This is powerful stuff. One spoonful and your hooked. My addiction to it over the summer may have kickstarted my gluten intolerance. Dangerously good, so you can't say you haven't been warned.
  5. 4. Peanut butter
    Oldie but a goodie. A true classic. Great with jelly and fluff alike. Would be ranked higher if it weren't for all the allergies.
  6. 3. Butter
    Like, plain old butter. The one that started it all. No glitz, no glamor, but it's pretty great.
  7. 2. Peanut Butter & Co White Chocolate Wonderful
    How do you make peanut butter better? By adding white chocolate to it, of course!!!!! Dessert, but you can pretend it's healthy.
  8. 1. Almond butter
    The king of all butters. Add it to granola. Throw it on some ice cream. Dip literally anything in it. Dress it up or eat it straight out of the jar. It's the perfect flavor, consistency, temperament. I dare you to think of a scenario in which almond butter is not the perfect addition. Almond butter is always ready for a good time.
  9. Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter
    You thought you knew butter and then you had THIS butter! Game changing butter, you will never go back 💯
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman