I spend approximately 72% of my time in Starbucks (just a rough estimate), so here are some of the things I've done in my home away from home.
  1. Applied to jobs
  2. Gotten dressed and done my makeup for job interviews
  3. Gotten dressed and done my makeup for dates
    Very different type of dressing and makeup-doing
  4. Gone on dates
  5. Conducted college interviews
    My Yale interview was in a Panera and it just wasn't as good as my Tufts interview in a Starbucks tbh
  6. Written screenplays, stories, poetry, lists, etc
    If you pick out any of my written work at random, chances are at least a draft of it was written in a Starbucks.
  7. Met up with friends only to then go to another coffee shop or restaurant
    Shh don't tell any baristas. No matter what Starbucks is still #1 in my heart.
  8. Taken a nap
    This wasn't my proudest moment but, hey, it's a home away from home.
  9. Drank coffee