Can I still talk about last year?
  1. Went to Vegas for the first time
    And it was so not what I expected. The scale of everything is just SO much bigger. I kind of don't know what I think about it but I'm glad I went...?
  2. Stayed in a hotel by myself for the first time
    Super weird, but I never had a job that requires travel and just felt like making this happen. I watched hgtv, and read @andycohen diary, and ordered room service. It was everything I ever wanted.
  3. Became a #belieber
    Justin Bieber is kind of good now? Maybe? Although sometimes I get stressed that he's getting too old to be that vapid. It's not okay.
  4. Saw Yosemite
    The world is so beautiful sometimes 🌎
  5. Tried snowboarding again
    And managed to not fall off the lift!! I'm really nailing that heel edge and nearly brave enough for my toe edge.
  6. Fell in love with Outlander
    Book and show.