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Paired with my early list about when I Don't feel like an artist
  1. Most of the damn time
  2. When I finish a piece
  3. When I find its 4:00 in the morning and I've been working unaware of time for hours
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  1. Whenever I have to start over and rework a concept
  2. As soon as I get ready to share a piece with friends and family
  3. When I'm hungry
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  1. The roads in Cornwall, England are very old
  2. They often are only one lane (but still 2 way)
  3. And even more often are edged in by walls or hedges...or both
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Even though I absolutely love living in Europe and already want to come back more permanently there are still a few things that make me ready to go back.
  1. So I can get back to work as an Artist
    Near constant travel has been a distraction, the language has sometimes been a barrier, and feeling like there's a limit of my time here has made it hard to want to build my name locally. That said, it's been cool having a German business and seeing how that differs from the US.
  2. So my husband can finish his degree
  3. So I can see family and friends a little easier
  4. Biscuits
Really truly great movie scores live beyond the screen. Not to be confused with great movie themes of which there are some great ones.
  1. Doctor Zhivago
    Maurice Jarre perfectly captures the spirit of this. I listened to it driving through snowy Jotunheim in Norway. The bells, the balalaika, the mournful wonderful Lara's theme...magic
  2. Last of the Mohicans
    Good movie, but this is one of those times where the music is even better than the film. Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman
  3. Ben-Hur
    Miklos Rosza sets the tone of Rome. All other movies try to follow.
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  1. I graduated high school
  2. It didn't feel that exciting
  3. and I didn't really want to go to college yet
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Last week I went to Skellig Michael in Ireland. This rock on the edge of Ireland is the once home of some adventurous monks (6th-12th century) and the now home of some cute puffins. Ranking is based on scientific research and a thorough understanding of puffin culture.
  1. 6.
    This one tucked in her burrow
  2. 5.
    This lonesome guy deciding whether or not to go fishing
  3. 4.
    This guy and his overly chatty pal
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A Great Western Rail line journey on a Wednesday afternoon
  1. Off we go out of London
  2. So many sheep and lambs!
  3. Far on the hillside lies a white horse. Not the most ancient, but wonderful to see all the same.
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  1. Kon Tiki
    experimental archeology at its most excellent. 6 men, led by Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer, Thor Heyerdahl, set out across the Pacific Ocean on this balsa wood raft in 1947. The journey defied general opinion and successfully reached South America after 101 days at sea. The documentary won them an Oscar.
  2. Fram
    Ice breaking, beast of a ship housed in an incredibly well-done museum! This ship was used for expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic between 1893-1912.
  3. Ra II
    After the successful Kon Tiki adventure, Thor Heyerdahl decided to test sailing on reed boats across the Atlantic Ocean. The museum that houses these was so fascinating much like the adventures themselves.
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Copenhagen is a super bike friendly city. It's easy to navigate and has bike lanes on nearly every road. For this reason, my husband and I opted to pedal all over rather than take the subway.
  1. Excellent rental bike with comfy seat: check
  2. First headed towards the bbq restaurant War Pigs for some deliciousness.
  3. Off again towards Christiania
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