1. I graduated high school
  2. It didn't feel that exciting
  3. and I didn't really want to go to college yet
  4. I'd traveled to England that January and the scent of the unknown, the unexplored filled my nostrils and carried me forward with the bone deep knowledge that I was born to roam...
  5. Yet upon graduating, I didn't make it far landing in the same state for college
  6. Kansas felt like an ocean on which I was adrift on the sea...just with rolling waves of wheat
  7. One treehouse
  8. A pause in formal education
  9. A marriage
  10. A dog
  11. A small business
  12. Countless road trips, thousands upon thousands of miles (at least 200k based on the cars)
  13. Living in 6 States
  14. And a new country (Germany)
  15. Many more travels
  16. Much more discovery
  17. And here I am 10 years later.
  18. I can't remember all of my classmates names anymore even though there were only 28 of us
    Willful forgetfulness there I think
  19. I think I'm more patient
  20. And more understanding
  21. And more forgiving of faults and failures
  22. A better listener
  23. I remember so many things about childhood in vivid clarity, but in these last 10 years I've let those teenage years begin to blur and soften around the edges until perhaps they are vanishing a little
  24. Ages 14 to 18 are fading away
  25. 5 year old Sarah-Lambert might meet me and know me immediately. Hello, adventurer! We might say to each other and then sit to draw and sing beneath a tulip poplar tree together
  26. Would 16 year old me do the same? I can't remember that Sarah-Lambert as well
  27. And time slips on, sliding away
  28. What will I recall when it's been 20 years?
  29. Will I remember being a teenager much at all?
  30. drawings hammered out late at night while watching Humphrey Bogart movies
  31. the hammock in my bedroom
  32. laughing over tacos
  33. fitting a whole tree in a car after a movie
  34. And suddenly I remember the important parts...the little details and snatches of wonder
  35. 10 years ago in May...