As thought by an American after working in a British cafe in Germany.
  1. There's a lot of butter going on here.
  2. Marmite is on this toast and it's not the worst.
  3. No, there isn't cheese on the breakfast sandwich.
  4. Nap time should follow immediately after breakfast.
  5. Was not kidding about the butter. This is getting wild.
  6. Clotted cream is delicious, but never in isolation.
  7. It's pronounced Rye-bee-nuh.
  8. Peas still taste like gross old peas even when they are mushy.
  9. Yeah, ok, Heinz beans are better.
  10. Can I get an extra poppadom and mango chutney with this curry, please?
  11. Black pudding sounds more appealing than blood sausage.
  12. Seriously, more butter?