Everyone thinks Mr. Darcy is an arrogant, judge jerk at first, but as we get to know him better it seems like a huge part of that perception is because of his shy introverted ways. Do you relate?
  1. Do you refuse to talk to people at a party who you haven't been formally introduced to?
  2. Do you choose to only dance with girls you already know and are just friends with leaving a clearly single hot chick sitting on the sidelines?
  3. Are you often considered proud, aloof, even rude to casual acquaintances, yet seen as kind, caring, and easy going by closer ones?
  4. Do people often ask if you're ok or just generally assume you're mad or displeased when you just...sit somewhere...quietly?
  5. Are you often quiet unless with close friends?
  6. Do you prefer your private affairs stay completely private?
  7. Did you answer yes to all of these questions?
    Yes? Inconclusive. You're probably both.