I've done a lot of traveling in 2015, but here are a few favorites from it all
  1. Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland
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  2. Seeing beneath Raval in Barcelona, Spain
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  3. Crawling inside 5,000 year old passage graves and dolmens on Møn in Denmark
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  4. Snorkeling in Silfra in Iceland
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  5. Wandering the streets of Rome, Italy
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  6. Dancing at my sister's wedding in India
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  7. Seeing the Taj Mahal from the back in the early morning
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  8. Watching the Battle of Waterloo reenactment in Belgium
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  9. Walking through Pompeii in the rain
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  10. Biking in Delft, Netherlands
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  11. Eating Halusky in Prague, Czech Republic
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  12. Watching surfers in Munich, Germany
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  13. Hiking alone to see glaciers in Iceland
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  14. Wandering parks in Barcelona, Spain
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  15. Standing amongst Viking graves at Lindholm Høje in Denmark
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  16. Ruins in Normandy, France
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