Favorite Places I've Been So Far This Year

I've done a lot of traveling in 2015, but here are a few favorites from it all
  1. Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland
  2. Seeing beneath Raval in Barcelona, Spain
  3. Crawling inside 5,000 year old passage graves and dolmens on Møn in Denmark
  4. Snorkeling in Silfra in Iceland
  5. Wandering the streets of Rome, Italy
  6. Dancing at my sister's wedding in India
  7. Seeing the Taj Mahal from the back in the early morning
  8. Watching the Battle of Waterloo reenactment in Belgium
  9. Walking through Pompeii in the rain
  10. Biking in Delft, Netherlands
  11. Eating Halusky in Prague, Czech Republic
  12. Watching surfers in Munich, Germany
  13. Hiking alone to see glaciers in Iceland
  14. Wandering parks in Barcelona, Spain
  15. Standing amongst Viking graves at Lindholm Høje in Denmark
  16. Ruins in Normandy, France