This is a complete list of the irrational fears I've had during my 27 years on earth
  1. Skunks
    No one wants to be the smelly kid...or sit in tomato juice
  2. Slugs
    Age 6. Indian camp in the backyard. Made a berry stew in a hollow log. Log got super soggy. Slugs came from everywhere. Www! Trails!
  3. Hantavirus
    Trip through the four corners area age 12. Mom tells me about hantavirus and that it's there. I panic. Panic lasts the whole 2 week trip.
  4. 'Watson and the Shark' by John Singleton Copley
    Saw this painting age 5. Saw the real dude's real wooden leg. Looked at painting again. What is wrong with that shark...anatomically? Begin fear of and fascination with sharks.
  5. Shark attack ... while in the pool
    I get to the deep end. Looking at the bottom think, "what if a shark was down there?" Panic ensues. Overall lap time improves.
  6. Really, all murky water is a problem for me. Even ponds.
    Who knows what's down there in the deep dark pond?!!
  7. That I will turn the light back on and someone will suddenly be standing there
    Night lights are the ally against the enemy: creepy darkness