Journey Around the Golden Circle

  1. Outside of Reykjavik is a path called the Golden Circle which links 3 (or 4 if you add in an extra) stunning sights in one easy day's drive
  2. It's perfect to either kick off a long trip in the country or to give a glimpse of the landscape for a short one
  3. I rented a car and started with Thingvellir Nation Park
  4. Ground zero for where North America and Europe are pulling apart...geologically speaking
  5. It has created long riffs throughout the national park
  6. One of these, called Silfra, is filled with freezing water
  7. So naturally I snorkeled in it
  8. After hot chocolate and some more exploring, I went on to see geysirs at Haukadalur
  9. This is where we get the word "geysir," from the grandaddy of them there. Sadly, Geysir is now dormant
  10. But not his brother, Strokkur!
  11. Next down the road was the mighty waterfall Gulfoss
  12. Where the Hitva river thunders into a canyon below
  13. I turned back and drove home in the waning daylight, but next time I'll continue on to see Kerid Crater Lake
  14. Loads of bus tours travel the Golden Circle
  15. But driving it myself was excellent