Taking the train out of Amsterdam back into Deutschland
  1. So many bike roads. It would be fun to come here and bike through the whole country.
  2. More sheep than people
  3. Little canals through every field with footbridges crossing
  4. More bicycles than sheep or people
  5. Heavy mist hangs in the forests we pass through. It's a drizzly, overcast day.
  6. Every Dutch person on this train seems to be reading a book
  7. Lots of manicured hedges
  8. Thatched roof cottages! Not commonplace, exactly, but not gone either.
  9. So many nice looking farm houses. Are these all independent farmers? What are the crops/money makers? There's a Porsche parked at that one!
  10. 7 windmills so far
  11. This countryside looks so much like the Renaissance paintings. It's as if Holland hasn't really changed so much. Modern amenities, some cars and power lines, but then a farmer drives sheep over a small canal into the field across with a windmill in the distance and suddenly that ages fall away.
  12. Cars wait in a line for a boat to pass beneath a raised canal bridge
  13. We arrive in Arnhem. Gosh these platforms are clean!
  14. 3 old ladies say goodbyes as one leaves. Everyone hugs. Even the little dog.
  15. Three separate roads below where the track is: one for walkers, one for cars, one for bikers. Walking and biking have more people on them.
  16. Make that 9 windmills
  17. The trees lean slightly to the south east. Guess the wind normally comes from the northwest.
  18. Tickets checked. Everyone always assumes my husband is German, but not me...straight to English with me even though I speak German better than he does. Ginger problem?
  19. We've been riding through the woods for a little bit now. Suddenly, walking amongst them was a girl with a bright red stripes umbrella strolling through.