Spotted on the Train From London to St. Ives

A Great Western Rail line journey on a Wednesday afternoon
  1. Off we go out of London
  2. So many sheep and lambs!
  3. Far on the hillside lies a white horse. Not the most ancient, but wonderful to see all the same.
  4. It's amazing how quickly the landscape shifts from urban to countryside and small villages.
  5. I bet the air outside here is cleaner
  6. Well, Exeter looks pleasant!
  7. And now begins the water...kind of. Maybe a bit dry in the low tide
  8. Plymouth also looks nice
  9. More and more people get on and off with bikes
  10. And also smiles
  11. And the coast is wild and wonderful
  12. I love to see people wandering alone or with only their dog beside them. So many people walking alone today
  13. A little cat plays in flowers by a platform
  14. And we pass a cathedral in Truro
  15. All around the trees a knobbly and gnarly with moss or ivy clinging to their branches and trunks
  16. Lots of scrubby bushes have begun appearing. They are all topped with golden flowers and surrounded by dirt beneath.
  17. I want to dash out at the Camborne platform and run into the cute station building. It's small and brick and looks like a nice place to take a break and just not be on a train for a minute or two.
  18. A brief change over in St Erth
  19. And finally we arrive in St Ives for a couple of weeks of painting and exploring!