Walking Reykjavik (the Illustrated Saga of a Day's Wander)

The best way to see any city is to walk though it. Http://www.penlenspaintbrush.com/walking-reykjavik/
  1. Started the day walking from KEX hostel past the Sun Voyager ship sculpture on up to Hallgrimskirkja to hear the excellent Schola Chamber Choir and see a bird's eye view of the city
  2. From there it was a short walk to the Handknitters' Association of Iceland shop to get a hand knit lopapeysa sweater.
  3. The road was painted rainbow for the Pride parade happening later that week!
  4. Tasty treats along the way: Baenarin's Beztu Pylsur...a delicious hotdog, sampling Icelandic foods at Tapas Barinn, and enjoying some seriously good ice cream at Valdis on the water's edge.
  5. Along the way was a super sketchy playground complete with broken glass, rust, and random rope about.
  6. And bike shaped bike racks!
  7. Walked out along the harbor with ice cream cone in hand to watch the sunset over the city from the strange mound art called "Thufa"