Deutschland is wonderful. Since I just wrote a list about what I miss in America after 2.5 yrs living in Germany, I figured I should share what I love most about living in Rhineland-Pfalz, DE.
  1. Christmas markets
    HOW did all of those German immigrants to the US of A not carry this tradition over with them??
  2. Everything is closed on Sunday
    Occasionally vexing, but mostly just awesome to have a day where you can't convince yourself you should run errands. A much needed and much enjoyed day of rest.
  3. Baked goods
    German baked goods win
  4. Walking paths
    There are walking paths everywhere--EVERYWHERE. From town to town, through forests, up hills, by streams, along ancient roman routes and roads, by castles...they connect it all.
  5. Waiters leave you alone to enjoy a meal undisturbed
  6. Roe deer
    I like spotting these little guys all over
  7. So rich in history
    From be oldest sculpture (the lion man) to now, Germany is a great place for history lovers
  8. Castles
    There are over 20,000 either ruined or complete castles in Germany. Take your pick.
  9. Football match atmosphere
  10. Fests
    Basically all of the festivals are excellent in their own ways
  11. White asparagus soup
  12. Bacchus wine