Forever Baes

  1. Rami Malek
    His Disney prince eyes could stare into my soul
  2. Colin O'Donoghue
    His Irish accent kills me
  3. Priyanka Chopra
    I'm not 100% sure she's even real. No one can be that beautiful.
  4. Oscar Isaac
    Dat nose tho
  5. Wentworth Miller
    Them eyes tho
  6. Jeff Goldblum
    Been in love since I was about 4
  7. Audrey Hepburn
    Her eyebrows give me strength
  8. Tom Hardy
    What a sweet mumbling Prince
  9. Olivia Wilde
    She seems so cool and is so beautiful that it's intimidating just thinking about it.
  10. Nico Mirallegro
    My love may stem from him playing a character who falls in love with an overweight girl. So, in my imagination, he's Finn forever.
  11. Emmy Rossum
    She's supposed to usually have the 'stressed, too busy to get cute' look on Shameless and her beauty is still distracting.
  12. Jeremy Allen White
    I can't fully explain this one
  13. Domhnall Gleeson
    I can't fully explain this one either
  14. John Krasinski
    Jim forever!
  15. Emily Blunt
    She's a literal perfect human being. Her and John Krasinski are the most beautiful damn couple on this planet
  16. Ben Mckenzie
    I was obsessed with him at 12 and the love still lingers
  17. Kate McKinnon
    She's iconic
  18. Ryan Gosling
    Ryan Gosling is some type of god or something