Movies Watched in 2017

Inspired by so many people
  1. The Witness
    It was so good! The ending is so compelling and sad. Her brother's obsession with the unanswered and crazy parts of her murder and his love for her is so deep and real.
  2. Who Took Johnny
    This story is fuckeddddd up
  3. Amanda Knox
    2017 is starting out with a trend for me
  4. Split
    Eh it was alright. I love James McAvoy but I hated the ending.
  5. Hidden Figures
    I cried my way through it
  6. Moonlight
    It's beautiful. I really really really loved it.
  7. Hell or High Water
    Chris Pine still looks good with that shit mustache.
  8. Arrival
    It's soooooooo good
  9. Hacksaw Ridge
    I'm not a big war movie or Mel Gibson fan so I didn't go into this with high hopes. I enjoyed Andrew Garfield like I always do. I liked the movie I just don't think I'll watch it again since it was unforgivably brutal.
  10. Get Out
    It was incredible. Everyone go see it.
  11. Fences
    Viola Davis is a national treasure
  12. Lion
    The first half is incredible. The second half is pretty good but I didn't love it. I hated Nicole Kidman tbh.
  13. Nocturnal Animals
    It was amazing, I loved it.
  14. Moana
    It was adorable. Moana is such a good character. She's three dimensional and self-standing.
  15. 102 Minutes That Changed America
    I've tried adding a photo for this like 12,000 times and it won't work so I've given up if it doesn't work this time
  16. Beauty and the Beast
    It wasn't the most fantastic movie I've ever seen but it was pretty to look at and the acting was good.
  17. Fargo
    I don't know how I hadn't seen this yet but it's incredible. Marge and Norm are relationship goals.