My Favorite and Least Favorite Characters in Random TV Shows

I watch a lot of TV so this is lengthy
  1. Parks and Recreation
  2. Favorite: Jean-Ralphio Saperstein
    Runners-up: Donna Meagle and Mona-Lisa Saperstein
  3. Least Favorite: Mark Brendanawicz
    Runner-up: Councilman Jamm
  4. The Office
  5. Favorite: Stanley Hudson
    Runner-up: Jim Halpert
  6. Least Favorite: Andy Bernard
    Runner-up: Roy Anderson
  7. Community
  8. Favorite: Troy Barnes
    Runner-up: Abed Nadir
  9. Least Favorite: Pierce Hawthorne
    Runner-up: Annie Edison
  10. Chuck
  11. Favorite: Lester Patel
    Runner-up: Morgan Grimes
  12. Least Favorite: Jill Roberts
    Runner-up: No one comes close to Jill
  13. Arrested Development
  14. Favorite: Lucille Bluth
    Runner-up: Gob Bluth
  15. Least Favorite: George Bluth
    Runner-up: Kitty Sanchez
  16. The Mindy Project
  17. Favorite: Peter Prentice
    Runner-up: Morgan Tookers
  18. Least Favorite: Annette Castellano
    Runner-up: Gwen Grandy
  19. 30 Rock
  20. Favorite: Jenna Maroney
    Runner-up: Pete Hornberger
  21. Least Favorite: Tracy Jordan
    Runner-up: Toofer
  22. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  23. Favorite: Gina Linetti
    Runner-up: Rosa Diaz
  24. Least Favorite: The Vulture
    The Vulture is the only character I dislike so there is no runner up
  25. New Girl
  26. Favorite: Schmidt
    Runner-up: Nick Miller
  27. Least Favorite: Caroline
    Runner-up: Sam
  28. Scrubs
  29. Favorite: Dr. Perry Cox
    Runner-up: Dr. Elliot Reid
  30. Least Favorite: Dr. Bob Kelso
    Runner-up: Dr. Kim Briggs
  31. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  32. Favorite: Titus Andromedon
    Runner-up: Jacqueline Voorhees
  33. Least Favorite: Logan Beekman
    Runner-up: Cyndee Pokorny
  34. Mr Robot
  35. Favorite: Joanna Wellick
    Runner-up: Darlene
  36. Least Favorite: Ollie Parker
    Runner-up: Cisco
  37. Happy Endings
  38. Favorite: Jane Kerkovich-Williams
    Runner-up: Max Blum
  39. Least Favorite: Alex Kerkovich
    Runner-up: Dave Rose
  40. Orange is the New Black
  41. Favorite: Cindy Hayes
    Runner-up: Nicky Nichols
  42. Least Favorite: Sam Healy
    Runner-up: Dayanara Diaz
  43. Daredevil
  44. Favorite: Elektra Natchios
    Runner-up: Frank Castle
  45. Least Favorite: Karen Page
    Karen is above and beyond the worst
  46. Jessica Jones
  47. Favorite: Jessica Jones
    Runner-up: Trish Walker
  48. Least Favorite: Will Simpson
    Runner-up: Kilgrave
  49. The Flash
  50. Favorite: Leonard Snart
    Runner-up: Cisco Ramon
  51. Least Favorite: Wally West
    Runner-up: Eddie Thawne
  52. Arrow
  53. Favorite: Floyd Lawton "Deadshot"
    Runner-up: Nyssa Al-Ghul
  54. Least Favorite: Laurel Lance
    Runner-up: Damien Darhk
  55. Shameless
  56. Favorite: Mickey Milkovich
    Runner-up: Svetlana
  57. Least Favorite: Frank Gallagher
    Runner-up: Karen Jackson
  58. The O.C.
  59. Favorite: Summer Roberts
    Runner-up: Seth Cohen
  60. Least Favorite: Johnny Harper
    Runner-up: Jimmy Cooper
  61. How I Met Your Mother
  62. Favorite: Robin Scherbatsky
    Runner-up: Barney Stinson
  63. Least Favorite: Ted Mosby
    Runner-up: Stella Zinman
  64. Friends
  65. Favorite: Chandler Bing
    Runner-up: Monica Geller
  66. Least Favorite: Dr. Richard Burke
    Runner-up: Jack and Judy Geller