Thanks @veshecco for the request! This is in no particular order since that would be impossible.
  1. Joni Mitchell
    My one true love
  2. Nirvana
    Their unplugged session is iconic
  3. Nao
    Everyone go listen to her please
  4. Bjork
    Icelandic queen
  5. Biggie
  6. Paramore
    I can't stop listening to their new album
  7. Rosie Lowe
    Go listen to her as well
  8. fka Twigs
    She's so beautiful
  9. Madonna
    I saw her live last year and it was EVERYTHING
  10. Spice Girls
    This one is kind of embarrassing but I've loved them since I was 5 and I'll never turn my back on them
  11. Kelela
    Her new single is so fucking good
  12. Alice In Chains
    This whole band looks like they probably smell but whatever their music is incredible
  13. The Kills
    I saw them live in high school and it changed my world