My Least Favorite Types of People

It's probably longer than my favorite types of people list
  1. People who think The Big Bang Theory is legitimately funny
  2. People who say they "just don't get The Office"
    What is there to get?
  3. Racists
  4. People who spend more time gossiping in an office than working
    We are all just here to get paid so stop
  5. People who don't like Britney Spears
    She's a QUEEN
  6. Meninists
  7. Donald Trump supporters
    See above racists group
  8. Homophobes
  9. People who say All Lives Matter instead of Black Lives Matter
    Stop being a brat/super offensive
  10. People who judge people for wearing makeup
    If you don't like makeup, don't wear it. It doesn't make you better because you choose not to. Makeup makes me feel good about myself so BYE
  11. Women who say they aren't a feminist because they want to be/are a stay at home mother
    How does that make it impossible for you to be a feminist? There's nothing wrong with wanting that for your life and still wanting equal rights for women. I don't understand.
  12. People who still like Clint Eastwood
    Old Clint Eastwood is the WORST.