My Top Ten Favorite Movies I've Seen From 2016

  1. 10.
    Fight me.
  2. 9.
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    I was real nervous this was going to be shit because you don't fuck with the world of Harry Potter. I'm happy to say that I loved it.
  3. 8.
    Manchester by the Sea
    This movie is lacking in gif selection but none of this is wrong.
  4. 7.
    Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
    I was in literal tears. I love the Lonely Island so much.
  5. 6.
    10 Cloverfield Lane
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead is bae and John Goodman is always great.
  6. 5.
    Kubo and the Two Strings
    The sisters are my style icons.
  7. 4.
    Everybody Wants Some!!
    Bless Richard Linklater's talents and Tyler Hoechlin's everything.
  8. 3.
    Star Wars: Rogue One
    Look I love The Force Awakens but I like this one a lot more.
  9. 2.
    The Nice Guys
    Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor so I'm slightly biased but this movie is funny and smart and just great. I love it so much.
  10. 1.
    La La Land
    God this movie is amazing. I can't stop thinking about it and listening to the soundtrack. It's so beautiful. Very few movies have made me feel this obsessive. Honestly one of my favorite movies I've ever seen. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are perfect bye.