Ten TV/Movie Facts You Probs Don't Know, GIF'd.

This was requested forever ago and I'm a garbage person and hadn't done it.
  1. Every episode of New Girl mentions bears
  2. A serial killer has a small part in The Exorcist
    Paul Bateson, who played an x-ray technician in the film, was convicted in the murder of film critic Addison Verrill in 1979. The authorities also believe he may be responsible for “the bag murders” of six other men whose dismembered body parts washed up in black plastic bags along the Hudson River.
  3. The third time 'Beetlejuice' is said in the series Community he walks by in the background
  4. Alicia Silverstone accidentally mispronounced Haitians in Clueless
    In the movie Cher mispronounces the word Haitians during debate class. That mistake wasn't originally intended but was actually Alicia Silverstone not knowing how to pronounce it. The director decided to leave it because it felt authentic to the character. (This one may be common knowledge, I'm unsure)
  5. Samm Levine auditioned for the role of Barney on How I Met Your Mother
  6. The original intended main love interests for Friends were Monica and Joey
    Monica and Chandler forever!
  7. The word 'fuck' is said roughly 265 times in Pulp Fiction
    This one may also be common knowledge
  8. Rick Moranis was originally cast as Carl the janitor in The Breakfast Club
    Moranis wanted to play the character with a thick Russian accent which Hughes and the rest of the crew were not huge fans of. He was eventually dropped and replaced by John Kapelos.
  9. The water ripple effect in Jurassic Park was created by plucking a guitar string at a certain frequency
  10. According to Jeffrey Tambor, the character Oscar Bluth on Arrested Development was created randomly
    "We were fitting a wig for George, for a scene when he'd have hair, and I walked outside, and Mitch was way high up in the writers' room and looking down, and he saw me with the wig — it wasn't cut yet, so it came down past my shoulders — and he said, "Hold it right there!" And that's how Oscar was born" Good thing he was created because Oscar >>>>>> George
  11. I have no idea if these are 100% accurate. These are all just things I've remembered reading somewhere with some slight research.
    Here's hoping I'm not way off!