1. Lived in Berlin, Germany for 6 months!
    And passed a semester of classes taught entirely in German!
  2. Popped champagne under the Eiffel Tower at midnight on my 22nd birthday
  3. Ran a half marathon!
  4. Publication of my senior honors thesis in a national journal
  5. Traveled around Germany, France, Italy, England, Belgium, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. Visited NYC, Boston, Washington DC and Toronto
  6. Drove on the autobahn
  7. Placed 4th in an international business case competition
  8. Sang karaoke with my roommates to a crowd of 2,000 in Berlin
  9. Rode on the back of a Vespa through Rome
  10. Made a wish in the Trevi Fountain
  11. Watched a meteor shower while sitting against the Berlin Wall
  12. Rode a bike through Amsterdam with my best friend
  13. Saw Coldplay at the Olympiastadion in Berlin
  14. Took salsa dancing classes along the river
  15. Jumped in the fountain at Buckingham Palace
  16. Rode a gondola through Venice
  17. Stayed up to watch the sunrise from the Charles Bridge in Prague
  18. Listened to the song "Budapest" in Budapest
  19. Sat in on a session of German Parliament at the Reichstag
  20. Went to the Daughters of the American Revolution masquerade ball