Aka things I've done this week that I'm semi-embarrassed about.
  1. Order too much take out
    Think Sandra Bullock in TWO WEEKS NOTICE. I ordered for a family of four, when I'm a family of one.
  2. Say, "I'm waiting for the right man" to all your friends.
    When you really just wanna say "fuck 'em all."
  3. Talk to your grandma about sex
    Think Betty White... Maybe?!
  4. Hang out with your guy friend
    and think why not?! And then think of so many reasons you can't imagine why you said, "why not"
  5. You stay in a beautiful house on the beach....
  6. And watch Nancy Myers with Nathan and dream about men you can't have... Or ones who could "sweep you off your feet."
    Because life isn't a romcom till you're in the romance. Right?! I dunno back to my Thai food for 4.