Comics Decor in My Office

Pretty self-explanatory. My office at work has a distinct decorating scheme.
  1. Avengers prints I ordered from Etsy. Like 70 bucks for 6 but so worth it.
  2. Lying Cat on my corkboard.
  3. Signed Cash & Carrie postcard I received as a Kickstarter level prize.
  4. Ms. Marvel button.
  5. Hyperbole & a Half wall calendar.
  6. Baby Groot Funko Pop.
  7. Deadpool holding a cat on a dictionary page. Another stellar Etsy purchase.
  8. Black Widow Funko Pop.
  9. Iron Man mouse the honeyman got me for Christmas.
  10. Tiny Captain America and Iron Man.
  11. Daredevil stuffed toy.