15 photos from events that have been key to making my 2015 an amazing 2015
  1. December 31st 2014: This may have "technically" been taken in 2014, but that night was 2015. This was probably my favorite and craziest New Years celebration that I've done. And this was an amazing start to a wonderful year.
  2. February 4th 2015: The day before my 15th birthday… I love this picture so much, and I will never delete this, because it is of my beautiful dog Tiffany. I love her so much, and this just reminds me that whenever I feel alone someone will always be there for me. Even if it is my dog…
  3. February 5th 2015: My 15th b-day. I actually had a crappy day at school. But, that evening my mom took me to a sushi restaurant (I don't like sushi, so I was kind of upset) and when we showed up friends and family members were there. This actually ended up being my favorite birthday. It taught me that even if a day starts off bad it can end great.
  4. February 10th 2015: This is my favorite photo that I've ever edited. This picture made me start to like editing photos. I love how you can change a picture and make it have a different meaning than it did before.
  5. March 25th 2015: The day I was on tv. Well, technically not the DAY I was on tv, it was the DAY they filmed it. This was just a downright cool experience.
  6. April 5th 2015: This was the first time that I have ever fed a stingray. I have swam with them, but never fed them. This just reminded me of all the cool things that I have done, because of my amazing parents.
  7. April 18th 2015: This is when I volunteered at the Houston Food Bank with my friend. This taught me the art of giving back, and how it truly feels better than receiving.
  8. May 10th 2015: This photo was obviously not taken this year, but it was posted this year. It was the day of my gorgeous sisters 12th birthday, and Mothers Day! How crazy!!! This just reminded me of how valuable my family is to me.
  9. June 1st 2015: The day that I was inducted into the International Thespian Society and given 2 other awards. This reminded me that hard work does pay off.
  10. June 28th 2015: The day I was baptized. This day truly changed my life, and how I go about life and my decisions.
  11. July 8th 2015: When I spent the day at the beach with friends. This was a reminder of how important my friends are to me.
  12. July 24th 2015: When my best friend from before I could crawl visited us. She moved to California years ago, and she visited us over the summer. She reminded me of how fast we grow up.
  13. August 2nd 2015: When we visited Bluebell after it shut down. This was a reminder that there are certain things that we can live without.
  14. November 24th 2015: When I went on another cruise, but this time during Thanksgiving. This was yet another reminder of how thankful I am and should be for my family.
  15. December 5th 2015: This was my first time competing at the Texas Thespian Festival and we advanced to Nationals! I still can't believe it, because we were doubted by so many. But, with our hard work and dedication it paid off.