I was born on the first day of the year. It sucks.
  1. Everyone is away on your birthday...
  2. ... And those who don't go away are hungover if not still drunk and have totally forgotten your birthday.
  3. People think it's not your real DOB and think you just don't want to tell them your real one.
  4. Your birthday gift was purchased from a Boxing Day sale.....
  5. ....wrapped in leftover xmas paper...
  6. .... With a xmas gift tag, not a birthday card.
  7. No one just wishes you 'happy birthday' it's always 'happy birthday and happy new year'
  8. You never got to bring cupcakes to school on your birthday.. School holidays..
  9. On the second day of the year, you no longer have your birthday to look forward to that year.
  10. It's a public holiday. Everything is shut or twice the price.
  11. Everyone is too poor post xmas to go out