Let's be real every student goes through this.
  1. Cry...a lot.
    Nothing like coming home from being yelled at by the nurse, a patient, the patients spouse (brother, sister, aunt...), secretary, and pharmacy to just eating ice cream and weeping
  2. Wish you had never started
    Why anyone would put themselves through this is mind blowing to me!
  3. Wish it would just end!
    448 days left...
  4. Not have a social life
    Nothing like being at a wedding and bringing flash cards to look at in the bathroom...
  5. Days off consist of studying...all day.
    When is your next day off?? Never.
  6. Makes it natural to have an unnatural conversation
    Since when is C-diff and menstrual cycles not normal at a date?
  7. Makes you KNOW there is a God
    There is no way a healthy neonate is formed in another person unless there is the mighty hand of God behind it
  8. Realize that you couldn't do anything else but this.
    At the end of a 12 hour shift, you wipe yourself down with bleach and know there is nothing more satisfying with life❤️