The networks kill every show I love.
  1. That time The West Wing thought it was too good for Rob Lowe and ruined it forever.
  2. Veronica Mars, *sniffle*. Eight years and a movie, and I'm still not over it.
  3. The Newsroom. All-time favorite show cancelled after three seasons. WHY HBO?
  4. Emily Owens, MD. Ten episodes was so not enough for this smart, relatable character. It was like Felicity meets Grey's Anatomy (before they killed everyone I've ever loved). Mamie Gummer ❤️
  5. Chasing Life. Because a 29 year-old girl should be allowed to destress by watching a melodramatic drama about a girl in her twenties dealing with actual life and death. But I guess ABC Family needs to invest in reality shows about mediums and snobby realtors. Boo!
  6. Downton Abbey. Lady Sybil and Matthew. Enough said.
  7. The Mindy Project. The day Fox cancelled this show was the day I stopped believing in human decency. Thank the Lord above for Hulu.