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Pictures at random with captions.
  1. My dog Chuck protecting ice cubes.
    I give him and ice cube and he just lays with it.
  2. Abandoned hotel
    Pretty creepy
  3. Canadian dog
    My other dog wearing a flag that comes in a beer box.
2 more...
I wonder where they are... (Caution stereotyping)
  1. Popular kids
    Are you enjoying being so little in a world where your drama doesn't matter like it did in highschool? Are you even all still friends after sleeping with your entire circle of friends?
  2. Drama kids
    I hope you all have success and are taking Broadway or any production by storm! Also landed roles in films, commercials etc. *jazz hands*
  3. The jocks
    Is your jock strap on to tight still? Thinking you're the king of the soccer/football field? But I hope you're all someone's first pick for the NFL drafts.
  4. The quiet awkward people.
    Well that would be me. I'm doing just fine. #outcasts
I thought this would be a cool first list.
  1. President Obama
    Because it's Obama
  2. Ellen
    Well she's awesome
  3. My mom
    Because she's my super hero and I would love to see how I am in her eyes.