Sorry it's kind of disorganized
  1. I'm Grace
    And surprisingly ungraceful. It's a curse, as my stubbed toes and bruised hips will atest.
  2. I'm married to this handsome devil
    Almost 6 months now!
  3. I live in Texas
    It's hot, muggy, and buggy but at least we're near the beach
  4. But I grew up in Colorado
    The mountains are my happy place
  5. I've studied history and art history
    I love medieval and ancient periods. I'm at the point where anything that happened in the last 600 years is considered recent. Oh and Gothic cathedrals. Those things are amazing.
  6. Hopefully I'll be going to grad school in the fall
    To get a Masters in Reading to become a reading specialist!!
  7. Speaking of reading, im a huge reader.
    27 books this year and counting! Not that its a contest or anything.
  8. I'm 25
    Quarter life crisis time!
  9. I'm introverted
  10. And artistically inclined
    I used to paint and do theater; I crochet, and try to play the piano. I want to get back into painting or try something like pottery. Oh and also I write!
  11. I like to pretend I'm a runner
    I stick to the 5ks and am slowly accumulating race t-shirts
  12. Hiking is my favorite form of exercise
    See growing up in Colorado
  13. I have two younger sisters and we all share a birthday
    We're each three years apart. My mom swears she didn't plan it.
  14. Wanna know more? Send a request!
    Or comment 🙃
  15. I'll do more in-depth lists about stuff here too
    At some point.