Based on recent experience
  1. Choose a trail
    We went with the Palmer Red Rock Loop, part of Section 16 which is above Colorado Springs sort of by Pikes Peak.
  2. Wear (or pack) layers
    This became important later.
  3. Grab water and snacks
    Always important.
  4. Check the weather forecast
    Also becomes important later.
  5. Make sure your boots are tied, and set off!
  6. Climb those hills!
  7. Take frequent breaks!
    Give those legs (and lungs) a little rest.
  8. Drink water!
  9. Scramble over granite boulders!
    Very fun, but stay safe everyone!
  10. Enjoy the view!
    Even though it's cloudy, it still looks impressive, plus a little more ~mysterious~
  11. Be careful going downhill!
    Soft on the knees, don't clomp.
  12. Cross a rushing stream!
    Thankfully there's a bridge... The water is extremely cold
  13. Start walking faster because rain is starting to fall!
    It's 10:30 and the forecast didn't say rain until noon 😨
  14. Duck under a tree and put on your jacket because now it's dumping rain!
    Layers are important, y'all.
  15. Start running because now it's hailing!!!
    And the rain is super cold! And your face hurts!
  16. Run down the trail until the hail stops!
  17. Then duck under a tree because it's still raining and now there's thunder and lightning
  18. Consider your options!
    We decided to keep going.
  19. Keep going!
  20. Find the road!
    Yes!!! Almost to the car!!
  21. Find the car!!
  22. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of survival!
    We did it!!
  23. Take a long hot shower.
  24. Congrats! You went for a hike!