I saw something about this yesterday and it piqued my interest: I've always wanted to read more classic literature so I think I'll start working through this list! You can read about it here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokklubben_World_Library but basically a bunch of international authors got together and chose the 100 best books of all time.
  1. Achebe, Chinua: Things Fall Apart
    Ok so I read this freshman year of high school, almost 11 years ago. I'll re-read it because it was so long ago.
  2. Anonymous: Book of Job
    Read this twice, each time I did the read the Bible in a year thing. I've never read it from a literary perspective though so I'll look up some commentary and read it again.
  3. Austen, Jane: Pride and Prejudice
    I've read this at least a dozen times (check out my earlier list about books I've read at least twice).
  4. Bronte, Emily: Wuthering Heights
    Ugh this book. I do not care for it. My husband, however, thinks it's the best and I think he's insane.
  5. Cervantes, Miguel: Don Quixote
    Ok so I've technically read the first half, but not the second. Does the musical count? (Jk I'm gonna read the whole thing)
  6. Dostoevsky, Fyodor: The Brothers Karamzov
    Again one worth re-reading. I read this over summer break one year and I remember liking it but not the details
  7. Homer: the Odyssey
    Another 9th grade classic I'm going to reread!
  8. Ibsen, Henrik: The Dollhouse
    read this for high school drama class!
  9. Lindgren, Astrid: Pippi Longstocking
    Ok I love this is included on the list because I loved the books growing up.
  10. Morrison, Toni: Beloved
    11th grade English class now! Disturbing but good.
  11. Orwell, George: 1984
    I read this in high school and reread it last year.
  12. Shakespeare, Willian: Hamlet
    Fun fact: in sixth grade the middle school drama club was going to put this on, and I was cast as the queen! We never had a rehearsal though.
  13. Shakespeare, William: Othello
    So much drama!
  14. Sophocles: Oedipus Rex
    Another from drama class in high school
  15. Swift, Jonathan: Gullivers Travels
    I had a huge illustrated edition and read it all in one day the summer before seventh grade. I should probably reread it
  16. Tolstoy, Leo: War and Peace
    I'm already on my second read! I love this book, even if there are a million names and characters and I get them mixed up sometimes.
  17. Tolstoy, Leo: Anna Karenina
    I've read this one twice, love it just as much if not more than War and Peace
  18. Twain, Mark: Huckleberry Finn
    Once again, 11th grade English class.
  19. Virgil: Aeneid
    I actually read this for a class on Virgil and how he influenced medieval and Renaissance writers. It was the first English class I took in college and I loved it!
  20. Honorable mention: Dickens, Charles: Great Expectations
    I add this because I've read the first 150 or so pages five times at least and never managed to get past my extreme boredom.