Yeah yeah I'm a day late. I had this great idea last night while watching fireworks and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was collapse into bed.
  1. 2016: Portland, TX
    Made an apple pie from scratch for the first time. Watched 1776, ate hot dogs and hamburgers. Went to the Corpus Christi aquarium for fireworks.
  2. 2015: Nashville, TN
    Visited Codys friends there. We ate really good pancakes and it rained but we saw some fireworks anyways.
  3. 2014: Houston, TX
    We were going to see the symphony play at the park but it rained so we stayed home and watched the fireworks from the apartment balcony.
  4. 2013: Houston, TX
    I was housesitting for a family friend who had two dogs, an angry parrot, several cats and some chickens. My family stopped by with Whole Foods fried chicken and we watched National Treasure. I watched 1776 later that night with the dogs.
  5. 2012: Houston, TX
    Saw the Houston symphony play and watched the fireworks from the park!
  6. 2011: Houston, TX
    I was working at Urban Outfitters and missed the BBQ party my family was invited to so I had some froyo instead.
  7. 2010: Colorado Springs, CO
    National Treasure and fireworks.
  8. 2009: Colorado Springs, CO
    1776 and fireworks!
  9. 2008: Hackensack, MN
    I was at Concordia's French immersion camp for a few weeks. We watched fireworks from the lake and sang camp songs in French.
  10. 2007: Williamsburg, VA
    I spent three weeks at William and Mary for their NAIHD program (aka history nerd camp). Hands down my favorite Fourth of July ever. Watched 1776 for the first time.